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Pricing is $100.00 paid yearly. Or
$30.00 paid quarter. Or
$12.00 paid monthly.

Yearly it works out to just over $8.00 per month.
See, not much for the organization that you could do but really don't have the time. And anyway could you have come up with all these links? You still get to add those links we don't have yet.
A Win! Win! Situation.

Fill out the form now and submit it or give us a call at 360/805-0593.

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The Technical section will be able to help you set the web page so it is your home page. You want it handy.

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Links4Agents.Com is for Travel Agents Only
We have Organized your Links into a working site is just like it says. We all have book marked our favorites and have tried to keep them organized but alas it has become too cumbersome. Well we have set up a web page that is password protected that has organized those sites. We have also setup information columns so you can print them out on your heading paper and they look like you wrote them.

When you are reading one of the many travel magazines and you come across one of the oh so many web pages and say "now I need to write that down because that would be a good page I could use. Well now we have the page for you. All you have to do is e-mail us the web page address and we will enter it in the appropriate category and you now have it as a link at your desk top to use when ever you want.

How about you are working at the office and then that night while at home you need that bookmark favorite that is on the computer in the office. Well Links4Agents is a web site that is available to you when ever you need it, just remember your password and you are in.

So you see this is a site that just keeps on developing into the site your agency needs because it does what you want it to. The time your agents will save not having to search on the own will more then pay the less then $10.00 per month cost.

I'm sorry but only Travel Agents can apply.
You can have one password per office.
If you have multiple offices each office must have its own password.

To View the Web Page Click Here "Links4Agents.Com"