Pictures Tumwater Canyon, Pateros
and Alta GC May 2014

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Tumwater Canyon

Couple of miles south of Pateros

Turned off Hwy 97 and up the Methow River
Fire jumped the river to the north over on top of the hill

Road up to Alta GC

Houses just as you get to the top of the hill and first see the Golf Course by the 8th Hole

Along the 8th Hole

Along the 9th Hole

Two house gone between these houses

House gone just before the motel

Club House

Across the road from the Club House

Maintenance building and the Cart Shed

Looking at teh 1st Hole

The big house on the back 9 that was on the hill

Along the 10th Hole

11th Hole houses gone on both sides of this house
Oh the lot is for sale and now has been cleared

8th Hole again

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